About Us

Early ethnic media-makers aimed to show the full humanity of “minorities” with storylines and themes that countered prevailing ideologies about our cultures. Many of the variety of films, television shows, and live performances are difficult to find and have “poor” production values because they were, quite literally, making something out of nothing (don’t we always?). While many independent media makers have broken many barriers, there is still much work to be done. Media is evolving and will continue to elevate. We want to put you on the forefront of that innovation. 

 We adore our people! We love entertainment! When we bring them together… What more could you ask for?  Noir On-Demand was created for People of the African Diaspora who want to watch "Great Movies. FUBU! [For Us! By Us!]" Noir On-Demand is connected tv, that offers online streaming services for compelling independent feature-lengths, short indies & foreign motion pictures, unique original tv & web-series’, and live-stream events such as...poetry nights, jam sessions, plays… If you’re filming it, We Gotta Have It!  Noir On-Demand was built to be the most user-friendly network in the connect tv space. Putting all our media in one place. Make sure the revolution Will be televised; Make sure that it’s LIVE! The network will launch on May 1st, 2019 and will be accessible on all of these media platforms: Apple tv, Roku, Amazon Fire tv, Android tv, Google Chromecast, and available on all smart tvs. We’ve created a platform to showcase the brightest media makers of tomorrow. Exploring the best of what’s on — expanding the way we watch tv and making it easier than ever.